My life is more than my work

I do my very tiny bit whenever I can to salve our burning planet. I quote Mahatma Gandhi: "What you do may seem terribly insignificant but it's terribly important that you do it anyway." As informed by William James: "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

burning earth

A link to some burning issues

I follow politics from the global to the national to the local levels, though issues politics more so than electoral. I enjoy almost none of that these days! I met my wife (and a few other life-long friends) in a coalition of anti-nuclear groups. Our relationships were mostly what coalesced. I've volunteered time and money to a long list of left-of center causes, and marched in the streets for them as well, most recently with the group On May 12 and some labor marches. I've spent dozens of painfully-early mornings escorting women safely into health clinics, past the troops of harassing anti-abortion protesters. Today, even old nemesis Richard Nixon would be well left of center. No one in politics today could survive saying wage and price controls out loud, much less implementing them. 

I don't know that I'd agree 100% with anyone, but I look to Medea BenjaminNoam Chomsky, Amy GoodmanDennis KucinichRachel MaddowMichael Moore, or Cindy Sheehan for political analysis more than anyone else. As informed by the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. as informed by Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi. Yes, there'd be some disagreement among these 9 people. But little killing, I like to believe. I've been a fan of Rachel Maddow since her Air America radio days. It was one of the few things I'd turn off my iPod for on my drive home from work. I miss that show. But not the drive.


The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a photo of Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi over his desk.